Dudu Reveals The Real Reason Why She’s A Pastor


Dudu Manhenga says her time in jail  was not the reason she is now a pastor.

“That accident happened in 2010 and only came into the paper about three years and eight months later. I was already in Bible School by that time. This thing had happened three years before and l knew that it had to have its ending here on earth because the word of God says respect the rules of the land.

In 2013, Manhenga (35) was sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, the
sentence was later wholly suspended with the artiste paying a $1 000 fine.



MANHENGAAround 2006, there was a prophetic word saying l was supposed to be a
church minister. Right at that time, my father told me to drop this stuff (music) and go to Bible School. But at that time, my name was getting famous, I was a Jonah. So he (father) would always say that you know you are taking a winding path. I was enjoying the tours, the traveling. The thought of sitting in Bible
School gave way to the thought that I would starve, my children would not have shoes on their feet.

“But there are events that I am not ready to share with the public that led to this wake up moment. God said there is no way out. God showed me a certain defined and distinct way,” she said.

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