Duped residents invade Sakubva


ABOUT 760 irate members of the Federation Housing Consortium who did not get residential stands in the area that was earmarked for them in Dangamvura have today (Monday) started parcelling out 300 square metres of land to themselves near Sakubva Devonshire section. When this news crew visited the area on Monday morning,

members of the consortium were busy clearing the land and allocating themselves 300 square metre residential stands.

Those interviewed said they were tired of unfulfilled promises from the local authority, hence the decision to find alternative land to allocate themselves stands.



sakubvaMs Memory Garapo said they had been paying $1 per member every month since 1998 with the hope that they would be allocated stands on a 25-hectare piece of land in Dangamvura. “We were paying $1 each per month with the hope that we will be allocated stands on a 25ha piece of land that we bought in Dangamvura.

“In 2001 we were allocated the 25ha and in 2002 we subdivided the land into Phase One to Three. About 162 members got their stands under Phase One. In 2010, a man identified as Silence Chakarisa, whose wife was part of our consortium occupied our land before we had used it. We tried to physically stop him, but police warned us against that and told us that the issue could be resolved in the courts of law.

“In 2012 an eviction order was granted by the court and council did not execute the eviction saying the cost of engaging the Messenger of Court was too high for them at $300 000. We have moved from one office to the other without any meaningful help,” she said.

In a separate interview, Mr Luke Mukungata, echoed Garapo’s sentiments saying they had sought assistance from different esteemed offices to no avail.

“We have meetings with the Minister of State, the Town Clerk, the Mayor and even Ministry of Local Government officials in Harare, but still we have not got the assistance that we wanted.

“We are here to stay and in fact we will seek the services of an engineer and surveyor to have this land serviced starting next week. If you look at some of us we are very old and we will soon die leaving our families homeless.

“You might also want to know that some of members have been rendered homeless, yet they contributed with the hope that they will be allocated stands,” fumed Mr Mukungata. Acting Town Clerk, Engineer Donaldson Nyatoti, said he had received the report and the local authority officials had been deployed to assess the situation.

“Yes, I got the report and I have assigned the Municipal Police’s head to go on the ground and assess the situation and then find the way forward. At the moment I cannot say much since we are yet to be furnished with finer details of the nature of the problem that we have,” he said.


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