Econet launches massive consumer promotion


Zimbabwe’s biggest telecommunication service provider, Econet Wireless yesterday launched its biggest ever consumer promotion, 7X, which will see customers getting 700 percent free bonus airtime every day.

Under the promotion, every Econet customer gets customised daily usage target and will get back seven times the talk time in the form of free minutes, SMS and mobile internet upon achieving the daily target.

For example, if a customer has a daily usage target of $0,50 cents, then on achieving his daily target of $0,50c he will get 10 free minutes, 10 megabits of data, and 10 SMS and free bonus worth more than $3,50.


The promotion will run for three months.

“In developing the promotion, we were driven by the need to give our customers more value for their money. Today we are giving them an opportunity to talk more, SMS more and surf the internet more. Indeed Econet gives you more,” said Econet Wireless Zimbabwe chief executive Douglas Mboweni while launching the promotion.

“Realising that our valued clients’ average daily spending trends are not equal, all offers are personalized. Customers can reach daily usage target by using Econet line by either calling or texting any other Econet customer as well as browsing the internet,” Mr Mboweni added.

On reaching the 7X bonus target at any point during the day, customers will get notification that they have reached their target and have been allocated 700 percent bonus.

Under the promotion, customers can use the 700 percent airtime bonus to browse, SMS and make calls to any other Econet customers.

“To confirm their 7X daily target, our customers need to dial *143#. To both our valued current and prospective customers, Econet is open for business,” said Mr Mboweni.

Econet Wireless chief operating officer Fayaz King said the company came up with the after realising the difficulties that consumers are facing at the moment.

He said under the promotion, customers will receive an offer to get an extra airtime for free on condition that they are able to meet the terms of the offer.

Mr King said if a customer surpass his/her target, they will only be rewarded the value based on the target given that is if your target is $0,75 cents and you send a $1, you will only receive the bonus on the $0,75 cents target.

The bonus airtime will expire at midnight and Econet employees and their immediate familiers, suppliers and advertising agents will not be allowed to participate in this promotion.

Econet customers who do not wish to participate in the promotion will have an option to opt out such that they will not receive the offer by dialing *143#.

Mr King said the promotion is open to all Econet prepaid customers.

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