Econet Service Is Useless,If They Don’t Change I Will Start My Own Netwok’ – Vanessa Chiyangwa


Businessman Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Vanessa says she is up the wall with her airtime just vanishing. “It has come to my attention that we are not safe to top up our phones anymore. I am now in fear of calling anyone or buying airtime because it is as good as giving it away for free.


vanessaFor the past couple of months I gave Econet a chance. In fact I saw others complain around me and I remained silent. But how long am I going to waste my hard earned money on an unpredictable network. I have also visited branches close to me where I’ve been advised that it is an issue with my phone as well as the Internet running in the back, through apps that I’m supposedly meant to close?


Well guess what, I disable my 3G when I’m off the wifi and the same reaction (my airtime disappearing) seems to still occur. We need answers­ or I’ll boycott this network and start my own.”

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