Employee wrecks Boss’s marriage after incriminating whatsapp chats leak


A SUSPECTED office romance between an owner of a private school in Marondera and her employee has led to the collapse of her marriage.

Isheunesu Chimuti has parted ways with his wife Netsai Makamure over allegations that she is having an affair with Richard Chikoore,a teacher employed at their school.

In protest Isheunesu moved out of the matrimonial home and has also filed a US$10000 civil suit against Richard for adultery damages.


Reliable sources have told H-Metro that Netsai and Richard have been having an affair for the past 4 months.

“The relationship between our boss Netsai and our fellow teacher Richard is now a public secret,everyone knows about it including the students.”They make public displays of affection even in the presence of the students.Richard joined the school in January but he has been promoted to a senior teacher position

“Her husband is now aware of it and they are no longer staying together.

The marriage fights between Netsai and isheunesu have affected the reputation of the school and we suspect the recent transfer by most students from the school was because of it,”said the source.

When contacted for comment,Isheunesu said he was still nursing wounds of the heartbreak caused by his wife.

“Many people are asking about this matter and every time I explain it I get hurt because I am still heartbroken.

“I have been married to my wife for 13 years.Our marriage was blessed with two children and I never thought we would get to this point.

“Since January this year when we employed Richard as teacher at our school,my wife and I have been having marital challenges.

“At one time I saw a disturbing message in my wife’s phone that Richard had sent to her,I asked both of them but they said nothing was going on between them.

“I have also tracked the two and seen them at different leisure spots in Marondera and from investigations I made I discovered that the two are spending nights at different lodges in Marondera.

“I have also filed a US$10000 civil suit for adultery damages against Richard,”he said.

Netsai said Isheunesu was the one cheating on her.

“It is true that I am having problems with my husband but he is the one wh cheated on me with a teacher who works at my school.

“We are also having problems because he is claiming ownership of my school which rightfully belongs to me,”she said.

Richard could neither confirm nor deny the accusations.

“The matter you are talking about is a sensitive one and unfortunately I cannot tell you what is really going on because I am just not comfortable to say anything now,” he said.

Source-H Metro

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