Eriza wears fake bums :She wears artificial bums to deceive men on stage-Bev Sibanda


Dancer Bev Sibanda says Eriza’s bum is fake. Bev claims that a number of dancers, particularly Chocolate and Storm, wore artificial bums to deceive men on stage. “That is why they are not flexible, vanenge vachitya kuti zvinodonha. Chocolate goes around claiming that she has big bums but people are not aware that she wears artificial bums along with (lady) Storm.




I have evidence in what I am saying. That is the reason they don’t like strip tease, zvinozoda kuputirwa ka. They go around saying its dirty dancing yet they know that they will be exposed.” “If you think I am lying and if they challenge my claim let them come for inspection. My booty is actually big.

I am prepared to pose naked with them so that you (reporter) see who has big bums,” she said. “Ndotonzwira hangu varume tsitsi who think that back is fleshy. They usually wear outfits that cover the buttocks. They also go for break several times during performances to make sure that the artificial buttocks are positioned well.” Bev said she has no bad blood with the duo but she is just trying to help men who are being deceived. “They are deceiving them (men). I am just being realistic and nothing else

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