Evil mother breaks her 8 month old baby’s spine


According to court records show that the 8-month old Palesa sufferred injuries to her legs, buttocks,chin and arms. But that’s just the start of it.

Baby Palesa also had multiple rib fractures and a possible skull fracture. legal document says the mother admitted using a belt on occasions to punish the child.

BABYZandile and her live-in Boyfriend vusi have been charged with cruelty to children and aggravated battery.


The doctors said the baby’s spine was fractured from the beating and the baby risks paralysis for the rest of her life. “The injuries are severe and in my 7 years as a doctor, I have never seen such”, a doctor exclaimed.

Little Palesa is currently on life support and her biological father Jabu is hopping for a miracle. If you have tie this ,please sent little Palesa your prayers.

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