Ex Japanese Cars CAUSES CANCER – Journalist Claims


Ex Japanese Cars CAUSES CANCER – Journalist Claims. Zimbabwe Union Of Journalists Secretary General Foster Dongozi has claimed that ex-Japanese vehicles that are flooding the country cause cancer.

Dongozi said Japan is still affected by the effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities in August 1945.


Dongozi said to avoid spreading cancer imported cars should be subjected to tests.

However, of late, the volume of imported second hand vehicles passing through Chirundu border post has significantly declined in recent months amid concerns over high duty charged and some related costs.

The high cost of importation particularly Zimra duty calculations and revaluation of the cost of the vehicle have seen cars piling up at Zimra yard at Chirundu post as people fail to raise the amounts required.

Recent survey at Beitbridge and other borders also revealed that duty for smaller second hand vehicles was increased by up to $400 with those importing-state-of the-art vehicles forking out more.