Ex-wife barred from stalking hubby


A MUTARE woman was dragged to court for stalking her ex-husband and his lover. Rudo Nyamawaso appeared before the Mutare Civil Courts after being dragged to court by her ex-husband, John Kwinde

A protection order was granted in favour of Kwinde. Yeukai Chigodora presided over the case and heard that Nyamawaso had been following Kwinde to his workplace harassing him.“Your Worship, this woman is stalking me.

“I told her that we can no longer be together because she does no respect me.


“At one point she shouted at me using vulgar words in our children’s presence.

“Recently she has been coming to my workplace pretending to look for someone else, but wanting to break my relationship with a co-worker that I am now in love with. She came to my car and insulted me. I even have a scratch on my cheek,” said Kwinde, showing the court a scratch inflicted on his left cheek by Nyamawaso.

Kwinde said he was no longer living in peace because of his ex-wife who continues to disturb him everywhere he goes.

Nyamawaso refuted the allegations, saying she was visiting his workplace because she had deals at the company.

She denied following him, saying she wanted to discuss with him about the children’s birth certificates.

“We have children together Your Worship, but my children have no birth certificates. When I followed him to Vumba I wanted to discuss with him the issue of my children’s birth certificates. He had told me to come to his work at 12pm, but when I arrived at that time his secretary told me that he went to Vumba with a woman he is dating which led me to follow him there,” said Nyamawaso.

The court heard that Nyamawaso and Kwinde were not legally married.

Nyamawaso had been following Kwinde for three months insulting him and sometimes bashing him if ever a misunderstanding arises.

Nyamawaso was banned from intervening in Kwinde’s love life. She was also ordered to stop stalking him as well as harassing him.

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