Local News Fake Police Officer worked at a police station for over a year

Fake Police Officer worked at a police station for over a year


A fake Police Officer worked at a police station for over a year before he was rumbled. Brighton Chamhanga, 29, told cops at Tsholotsho Police Station that he had been sent to investigate corruption within their ranks.

The cops were then scared to verify his credentials. Chamhange operated in the anti­stock theft unit but did not wear any uniform. He was arrested on Monday and is expected to appear in court today. The Officer Commanding Lupane District, Chief Superintendent Johannes Govo, confirmed the incident.

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“The matter came to my attention about a week ago and I assigned officers to monitor Chamhanga’s movements and operations, leading to his arrest.

I’m just shocked that an individual can have the guts to operate within a police station while committing a crime,” he said. “He claimed to have been sent by the Dispol (Officer Commanding District) to investigate crime by officers.

We highly suspect the man could be a habitual criminal who had found a hiding place at this police camp. We suspect there is more to him.

Who has the guts to stay in a police camp and use police resources to commit crime?” It remains a mystery how the police took so long to unmask Chamhanga who reportedly used his new found status to harass villagers and extort money from suspects.

Before a police officer is deployed, correspondence in the form of a radio message is sent to the station where he or she would be operating from.

The correspondence, which is sent from Police General Headquarters in Harare, contains the officer’s force number and name, and must be received before the police officer reports for duty.