Fake Zanu-PF YOUTHS ARRESTED for stealing $30000


Two men who were posing as Zanu-pf youths allegedly extorted $30 000 from a Chegutu woman after accusing her of insulting President Mugabe and the party.

Lloyd Mutingwende (32) from Zvimba and Joseph Tavaziba (30) from Chegutu threatened Ms Fiona Catherine Whitefield with unspecified action and deportation.

They demanded money from her on the pretext that it was for her safety claiming that they wanted to hand it over to some top zanu-pf officials who wanted her arrested.


According to the State, Tavaziba resides at a farm owned by Ms Whitefield. Mutingwende and Tavaziba appeared before Mr Tendai Mahwe charged with extortion. They were remanded in custody to July 13 after the State led by Mrs Idah Mateke-Maromo strongly opposed bail.

In opposing bail Mrs Mateke-Maromo said: “Your worship these accused persons are not proper candidates for bail. There is a clear nexus between the charge and the accused in that some of the money was actually transferred through EcoCash.

They are likely to interfere with witnesses since they used politics to threaten the complainant hence the honourable court should exercise its duty and protect the public.”

In his ruling Mr Mahwe said the State’s case was strong before remanding the duo in custody.

It is alleged that between October 24 last year and June 24 this year, the pair connived and hatched a plan to extort money from Ms Whitefield.

The duo allegedly confronted her and accused her of insulting President Mugabe and the zanu-pf party.

They threatened her with unspecified action and deportation before demanding for some money, the court heard.

It is the State’s case that they told her they were going to use the money to bribe top “zanu-pf officials” who sought to get her arrested.