Family abandons home as goblins fight in their presence,destroy property


A Nketa 9 family reportedly had to seek shelter elsewhere, after goblins that were at each other’s throats invaded their home vandalising the house in the process.

When B-Metro visited the house, the sliding gate was damaged as if it had been hit with an iron bar and windows were shattered.

Family members confirmed that they had to vacate the house after a string of weird occurrences.


“We would hear things running all over. They would burn table clothes and curtains. At times you would hear water running in the sink. We had to run to our rural home after the torment persisted,” said one family member.

The house owner, Deford Mbiba (ABOVE), said they occupied the house for a week after Muzika Nkulunkulu church (a church which emerged from a Guta Ra Mwari split) came to cleanse the house of the evil spirits.

“In this family we don’t pray like other churches do.We don’t believe in prophets, we go to Muzika Nkulunkulu. The leaders came here and hit the drums to get rid of those evil spirits,” he said.

Mbiba believes the goblins were sent by his enemies to destroy his property and to disturb peace in his family.

“The church leaders did not ascertain where these forces of darkness came from but I believe they came from enemies who don’t want to see us happy,” he said.

A neighbour who spoke to B-Metro said fear had since gripped Nketa 9 residents, who witnessed two mysterious creatures, almost like human beings, fighting and pushing the sliding gate.

“My mother was going to the market place early in the morning when she saw those weird monsters fighting by the gate a few weeks ago.

Now the house is a no-go area as the monsters throw stones. They actually damaged the gate. My mother had to leave town after the encounter,” he said.

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