Fans fume at AMMARA’s performance of Mukoko without TYTAN


Ammara must stop performing the song Mukoko without Tytan. If she does, she must give him a percentage of the money she will have been paid for the performance.

This is the general feeling among local music followers who feel Ammara is personalising Tytan – an up-and-coming artiste’s track, especially after she shone at Miss Tourism Zimbabwe when she performed it.

Ammara, whose music career was catapulted after the release of Mukoko – a track in which she features – has been benefiting immensely from that collaboration. She has been getting a lot of invites to perform at key events – some across the border – of late probably because of that track.


Recently, she was in America where she performed in Dallas, Texas at the Zim Achievers Awards. Also, she was invited by Coke Studio in South Africa to collaborate with Zinhle Ngidi and Sizwe Ngubane.

While she is undeniably talented, people feel like she is reaping where Tytan sowed.

Former ZiFM Stereo personality, Sokostina (real name Tendai Garwe) asked followers on her Facebook wall if Tytan was no longer interested in the song Mukoko. This sparked a lot of debate with fellow personalities – Zororo Makamba and Tich Mawoni who was an M.C at Miss Tourism Zimbabwe weighing in.

Said Mawoni: “Tytan should be part of every Mukoko performance or charge for it.”

Posted Natalie Mwayera:

“Tytan, you need to get your song back and own it. Majority of Zimbabweans here and abroad believe that song is Ammara’s and can you blame them? She seems to have taken it to the next level and has performed it alone more times than you.

“I think you’ve taken a seat back. Own your song because you worked so hard to give it to the world.”

Amarra brown


Star Baptista blamed Tytan for failing to take control of the situation in which the song is now confused to be Ammara’s.

“I love Mukoko, but I think the mistake was how the video was introduced on social media. Ammara has over 1.2 million YouTube views while Tytan only has 77 000.

“The owner of the song is the only one who should have shared the song. For example, for Watora Mari, Jah Prayzah and Diamond are not competing for YouTube views as the song was exclusively released by Jah Prayzah,” wrote Baptista.

Makamba, a popular TV personality weighed in: “Most people think it’s Ammara’s song because the video with over a million views is uploaded on her YouTube account and is written Ammara & Tytan.

“I just hope Tytan sees the importance of credit and the order in which his name appears and that keyword ‘featuring’.”

Tytan, responding to fans, said although he cared about his song, the way in which people confuse it to be Ammara’s song concerns him.

“I’m very concerned, but I have to keep my chin up in the process,” responded Tytan.

He said unlike Ammara, he was not invited to Miss Tourism Zimbabwe so he watched her perform the track in the comfort of his home.

“Such is life. I wasn’t privileged to perform at Miss Tourism Zim, nothing I can dwell on. The fact that people noticed my absence and felt for me is really a picker upper for me,” said Tytan.

“I’m just excited about the next project at the moment


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