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Fans worry that Aleck Macheso is no longer the King of Sungura


When it was announced sometime last month that the King of Sungura Aleck Macheso had a show at Manor hotel hall in Bulawayo, Zimbabwean music fanatics were quick to say that Macheso was no longer the King of Sungura they knew, judging by the venue he was set to perform at.

Macheso is famed for solo performances that once saw him attracting seam busting crowds at esteemed venues like the Harare International Conference Centre, a multi-functional 4 500-seater auditorium with capacity to accommodate 10 000 dancing fans.

While organisers of the show claimed that Manor Hotel hall was not their venue of choice but a last resort after being told that all venues were booked, the crowd which turned up for the show left a lot to be desired considering that the King of Sungura was set to be on stage.


The energetic performer and his band seemed undeterred by the handful, but reactive crowd, as they took to the stage at midnight, and did what they know best till the wee hours of the morning.

No doubt his spirited efforts on stage saw people slowly trickling in to witness the king of Sungura as he poured out his soul. One could be forgiven for mistaking the guitar for Macheso’s a third limb extension as he showcased unparalleled dance skills at the same time playing the guitar and taking to vocals.

macheso-in-bulawayoDespite the low turn out, Macheso proved he still has what it takes to perform.
However, Clement Magwaza stole the show with his energetic dances and his new track Siduduzile which, judging by crowd response, is going to be a hit.

Magwaza sent the crowd into a frenzy as they tried to mimic and catch up with his fast paced Tshova Tshova dance style.

After his performance, Magwaza said he wasn’t disappointed by the turnout, but enjoyed the second chance to share the stage with Aleck Macheso.

“This is the second time performing with Macheso and I enjoyed every moment. The crowd, even though the hall was not full, was very responsive;  to me as a musician it means they appreciate my music. In general I can say the crowd was awesome,” he said.

Magwaza added that his single was a build up to his forthcoming album titled Bath Asoyami.
“The track Siduduzile which I performed today is just a tip of the iceberg to what my upcoming seven track album Bath Asoyami will offer.

“I’m encouraged to take the album which I’m going to launch in November to a new level, judging by the crowd’s response,” he said.

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