Father gives 28 year old son sleeping pills,r_apes him


A 50-year-old fitter and turner at Tobacco Processors Zimbabwe is in the dock for so_domising his 28-year-old son on several occasions after giving him sleeping tablets.

The alleged abuse is said to have started in 2005.

A Harare court heard Tuesday that one night during the month of November, the son who was still a teenager woke up to find his father sleeping in his blankets and holding him tightly.


The son pushed his father away but was told to keep quiet.


The abuse stopped for four years but in 2010 the father returned to his habits.

Court heard the father would put some herbs in his son’s drink and also force him to drink trifluoperazin tablets, telling the boy that he had mental health problems.

After taking the tablets, court heard the son would fall asleep and the father would then have sex with him.

During one night last year, court heard the son woke up to find his t-shirt torn and his mouth swollen.

On several occasions he would also wake up to find his father holding him tightly and would feel he had been abused.

Court heard the son was afraid to tell anyone because he had been threatened with death.

But he later gained courage and reported the abuse to the police leading to the father’s arrest.

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