Female workers bullied at Pick and Pay Borrowdale


We send the e-mail we received from Borrowdale Women Workers Watchdog for comments by Pick and Pay. We sent the email to Pick and Pay for a comment, unfortunately, we did not get any response. We have decided to publish it as is.

Below is the e-mail in full:

Female workers are now feeling insecure at work at Pick and Pay Borrowdale Branch following an incident were a bully and thuggish security officer by the name Lovemore Dimingo sexually and verbally harassed a workmate Privvy and the case was smuggled under the carpet by management and the heavily pro management workers committee.


Dimingo is related to Mapeta the security head, he boast of being  untouchable. This man has many cases whereby he vomit acidic and vulgar language at workmates and management at work and no one is willing to clip his wings as he always boast of being connected with the head office.



Dimingo threatened Privilege on several occasions so that he could be awarded sexual favours.  He failed to resist the curvey lady especially her bums that he constantly mentioned as being underutilised by the victim’s hubby. When the latter approached management and committee for assistance her case was downplayed and a foiled conciliation was done hence Dimingo scored big.

We  doubt if the committee is serving it’s purpose because it has failed us, the guys have a good history of conniving with management at the expense of our rights, despite two of them in the national committee.

At some point a letter was written to Mapeta after Dimingo scrupulously attained some stolen stocks from a workmate surprisingly Rujato workers chairperson decided to cover Dimingo’s back. The case died naturally.

The manager responsible for security Nhokwara is afraid of whipping Dimingo because he too is a seasoned sex pest with traceable background. Even his hymn is vulgar language at work.

The victim is seeking assistance outside TM and suggesting to transfer to another branch as she feel insecure sitting next to a sex predator.

Is it legal to passively draw conclusions on such sensitive cases? Should workers suffer because we have a heavily nepotised workforce?

Is it right to accuse someone of witchcraft at work as Dimingo is habitually pointing fingers at others accusing them of bewitching him and planning to food poison him.

Madzimai tiri kurwadziwa neunhu hwekudzvidza madzimai hwakadai.


Borrowdale Women Workers Watchdog

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