Entertainment & Zim Celebs Former Studio 263 & Now Hollywood Star Anorld Chirisa returns home

Former Studio 263 & Now Hollywood Star Anorld Chirisa returns home


Former Studio 263 & Now Hollywood Star Anorld Chirisa returns home… No he was not DEPORTED…. US based Zimbabwean actor Arnold Tongai Chirisa returned home this week to interact with local filmmakers and fans at an event powered by Vault Cosmetics. The interactive event is running under the theme “Celebrating Our Success” and Chirisa will meet his fans and exchange notes with actors and filmmakers.

Anorld Chirisa
Anorld Chirisa

The programme is sponsored by Vault Cosmetics, Meikles and South African Airways.

The Hollywood actor will be today at Barbours Store for “Meet the fans” from 7am to 8.30am before another show-stopper at Vault Studios in Arundel between 5pm and 7pm where a photo-shoot and autograph session will be conducted.


In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Chirisa said he was excited to be back home for family and business.

“I got in touch with Vault Cosmetics founder Jackie Mgido while in Los Angeles and we thought about celebrating success with our own people. Why wait for South Africans or Nigerians to come and share their experiences and tell a story on how they made it? I will be at Barbours, where also lucky women will have a make-over before they go to work. It is just a courtesy call,” he said.

The actor said he was happy with how the Zimbabwean film industry is changing.

“I haven’t seen any recent television production yet. I watch most of the productions online especially YouTube. My ultimate goal is to come back and see Zimbabwe having studios like NBC, ABC among others where productions are made rather than back-doors,” he said.

Asked if he is ever going to come back to shoot a series, film or movie in Zimbabwe by local cast and producers, the humble actor said he is ready for it as long as it meets international standards.

“I have been in the industry for about 10 years and I have learnt a lot when it comes to film, movies, series and dramas. I would love to feature in local production but with what I have observed and accomplished, it would be my dream to see something which can match or meet international standards. The script is always there but I have to make sure everything is in place with good cameras,” he said.

Chirisa who is still single said he is married to his job.

“I love my job very well. I am still single but not searching. I have a lot going on, so far I have just finished shooting my next series called ‘Jim Gaffigan Show’ and the first season is done. In the show I play a Catholic priest from Zimbabwe namely Father Nicholas. The storyline is about a stand-up comedian who lives in a two bedroomed apartment with his five children. It is very interesting. Again I am working on a short film which is already in pre-production,” he said.

He said was aspired by Johnny Deep.

“To me a role model means different things. I am much aspired by Johnny Deep and my faith is always on Jesus Christ. I am still the same Chirisa who you knew years ago from Studio 263 and Walter Mparutsa’s productions where we had to get buns and coca-cola for castings. I remember the hard-life very well and this makes me more cultured when I am in Hollywood. I am not pushed or moved if I see international acts because I know it’s hard work and I work for it as well,” he said.

Chirisa was last in the country in 2012. He said he chose to use the name Tongai in Hollywood so as to be easily identified with Zimbabwean culture and tradition. Chirisa is leaving the country tomorrow, passing through South Africa to finish one of his many projects, which he didn’t want to disclose. Close sources said he was shooting a film with some of the prominent actors from Hollywood.