Former Zbc presenter and musician falls in hard times


Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation presenter and yesteryear hitmaker Wellington Jonga, also known as Big Zhanje, was left homeless after his house in Hopley was destroyed by heavy rains that pounded the city recently.Big Zhanje became a household name in the 80s with his hit song “Rudo Ndimandivhaidza” and also ventured into poetry before he hit hard times. When The Herald arrived at the scene household goods were still scattered around the yard, Jonga’s children were clearing rubbles from the destroyed house which was reduced to nothing.Wellington


Jonga who was in sorrow, however, dismissed claims that his house was destroyed by the rains alleging a suspected plot against him centred on religious disputes with members from his previous church.


“I got up at around 12 midnight with the intention to pray, that is when I heard a strange sound as if a heavy mechanical device was being used to hit my house. I went outside but to my surprise I did not see anything.

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