Fracas as motorist,municipal cops fight over $10 bribe


A MOTORIST last Thursday precariously jumped onto a council truck demanding his $10 he had paid as ‘bribe’. Tranos Mativoni confronted one officer he identified as Moyo demanding his money back.And when the officer did not stop the car,Tranos jumped into the towing truck registered as AAA-5576.

Moyo allegedly drove out of town towards a local hotel while Tranos precariously hung on his truck before stopping and manhandling him with another officer. After stopping the truck outside the Central Business District,Moyo together with his colleague started attacking Tranos,who continued to demand his money back.

“Chero mukandirova ndoda mari yangu varume.Ndakakupa $10 pawaka clamper mota yangu although I was parked outside the parking zone. “Moyo you know about the money,you guys have developed a tendency of terrorising people in the city because you want bribes.Moyo you are a former teacher and you also know me.


“This has to stop!You would rather kill me but I want to teach you a lesson,shouted Tranos. The two officers only stopped attacking him after noticing a photographer who was capturing the scenes.Moyo quickly jumped back into his car but Tranos stopped him from driving off. “You not going anyway until you give me my money.Maybe let us go to the police and have this matter solved.”

Asked why he kept driving with Tranos clinging on his truck,Moyo failed to explain.

Source-H Metro

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