Fracas at SAMA Festival as Winky D is attacked on stage


Cops were call last night at the SAMA Festival in London after Winky D was sprayed with a substance while on stage.
Winky D was furious and had to be attended to by a doctor who was in the crowd. It later turned out a fan had sprayed the Gafa with perfume.


The Winky D incident was very unfortunate and was a moment of silliness from the lady involved. She sells perfumes and thought it was best to spray him a sample of her products and that’s what he reacted to. A doctor on sight attended to him before two teams of medics arrived.


Police attended the scene and the rest is in their hands. Winky himself is perfectly ok and he’s raring to go tonight in Leicester everything else disappeared,” said Tim Soxx who was present at the show.
The show itself was one to remember.

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