Freeman Arrested over Two Fake Passports


Chanter Freeman has been fined after he was rumbled having applied and received two passports.

Freeman, real name Emegy Chizanga lied to the Registrar’s Office that he had lost his passport. He appeared before a magistrate who fined him $50 after convicting him for supplying false onformation to a public authority.

Freeman said greed had forced him to apply for a second passport. He had submitted his other passport to the British Embassy for a visa.



FREEMAN“Your worship I beg your forgiveness I did this out of greediness. My first passport was with the British Embassy for visa processing since I was to travel to a show there. While the UK visa was being processed, I was invited for another show in Cape Town, South Africa and there was no way I could travel without a passport, so I had to lie to get another one,” he said.

The matter came to light when the British Visa expired and he resubmitted the passport he had said was lost for another one. When the British Embassy realised the anomaly, it impounded the passport and lodged a complaint with the police leading to his arrest

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