Funding the luxury of Mugabe’s sons on tax payer’s money criminal


Zimbabwe is staggering under a sea of poverty, a majority of Zimbabweans are living on less than dollar a day and 95% is not in formal employment.

Companies are closing en masse since 2013; thousands of workers lost their jobs during this period. The economy is in continuous decline, calling it a recession is now an insult to the real definition of the word which applies to at least two successive quarters in decline. The Zimbabwean economy has gone for more than 16 quarters with the economy in comatose.

A crippling liquidity crunch has also ensued worsening the situation of the poor working people of Zimbabwe.


Social service delivery has turned a pipe dream, the new normal is about painkillers running out at government hospitals, outpatient departments are now a horror movie, thousands are dying of curable diseases, Doctors going on what is now routine job actions with nurses threating to follow suit.

A local governance disaster has been brewing for quite some time, running water has been turned into gold which only King Midas the Greek’s touch can provide. Refuse collection has long been abandoned especially in high density suburbs.

The memory of the last typhoid and Cholera outbreaks are still fresh, 16th Century diseases only found in a highly mismanaged and impoverished country.

The People’s Democratic Party is of the view that these and other problems are an indicator of a nation calling for leadership.




The IMF Article IV report’s report published on the 15th of May 2017 was a clear vote of no confidence on both Mugabe and Chinamasa. Who without doubt have failed to respond to the challenges the nation is facing.

It is ironic that in this sea of poverty Mugabe’s sons are feasting in the middle of a famine, spending tax payer’s money like confetti.

They are living a life which is out of this planet. A life of debotuary, dingy partying and fight for women. Having such a life on tax payer’s money is criminal.

The People’s Democratic Party is on record saying the First family is a bunch from hell, the recent article in the Zimbabwe Independent which highlights the luxury of Mugabe’s sons on account of Zimbabwean taxes supports our claim. The two spoilt brats are living in apartments of more than 74 000 Rand a month forget the one they lived in Dubai.

Grace Mugabe has since annexed a dam to her bloody empire, evicted hundreds of families who are now homeless on top of spending more than a million on a diamond ring, Mugabe flies in a hotel on every foreign trip he takes and he does fly in those luxury jets often. In February he spent millions of dollars on a birthday where he and his henchmen ate 93 kilograms of black forest cake in the midst of starving villagers.

Our concern is that Mugabe cannot govern, if you cannot control your family, forget controlling the state and the citizens. Mugabe must just resign, having him around is a risk to the country degenerating into chaos.

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