Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave releases new ALBUM titled Chenai Moyo


Gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has just released her 13th album titled Chenai Moyo. The album carries seven tracks and is her second since she adopted the “social facts” albums concept and says there is more to come.

The gospel artist, who rose to fame following her hits that included Makomborero, Toita Zvedenga among others, says she is using her education experiences to further develop her career.

“I am going to be running a promotion for some time, as I work on marketing my new album. This will help me meet my fans personally by introducing them to my new album, therefore making sure they familiarise with it,” said Fungisai.

The promotion is going to take her to towns like Mutare, Kadoma, Marondera and Masvingo.

“I studied marketing, and acquired diplomas from the Harare Polytechnic and Speciss Colleges. Therefore, I’m using these marketing skills to market this new product. This has also prompted me to go for exhibitions like the Harare Agricultural Show, where I also showcased my music,” she said.

She further admitted that education is important in career development and helps artists improve their careers.

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave releases new ALBUM titled Chenai Moyo

She added that studying sociology made it possible for  her to be able to apply her skills into practice.

“My sociology degree has helped me put into practice what I see and experience. That is why you see me singing more about social issues.  I want to sing about real life issues that are happening today even though I am still ministering the word of God, giving people messages that impact positively on fellow people,” said the mother of three.

Those in the know are aware of rumors suggesting she had  abandoned gospel music, opting for secular music.

However, Fungisai rubbished these reports and said: “I have not left Gospel music. I am still ministering the word of God. I have just matured enough to make music, which is meaningful. I feel the need to express meaning in my songs, including ministering.”

Her music is still unmistakable, as she sticks to her contemporary traditional bit which keeps her listeners mesmerised.  In one of her songs, Kugara Ndega, she inspires many who are lonely, in life as they struggle to find partners explores more on this subject.
“These are the real issues happening in life that I want to touch on,” she concluded.

Makandirera Ndikakura, Ehuwee and Hallelujah Amen are already proving to be hits with her fans. Other tracks getting airplay on radio comprise Jek Muremba, Haiwa kunyeba and Hupenyu.

Some of the albums under her belt are Makomborero, Toita Zvedenga, Zvirevo, Tawananyasha, Chandisimudza and Wenyasha just to mention a few.