Garikai rejects house Magaya bought for him


The mentally ill man rescued by Prophet Walter Magaya has rejected the house he was given in Rusape. Garikayi Zindi wants a house in Harare because he says Rusape reminds him of his terrible experiences

“I am okay, and grateful to Prophet Magaya for the house and everything he has done, but my request to him has been to sell that house in Rusape and get me a house away from there and closer to the church here in Harare.

“I am recovering from a bad experience, and I do not want to be associated with that past again. Rusape reminds me of that past, yet all I now need is a completely new and better life elsewhere,” said Garikayi.


Prophet Magaya had extended a five bed-roomed house in Tsanzaguru, Rusape and so far his family members have been staying at the Rusape house, while he stayed in Harare under Prophet Magaya’s care.

Prophet Magaya said: “He is fine, but uncomfortable to go back to Rusape. His argument is that Rusape reignites sad memories of his past. He often says Prophet, please sell the house in Rusape and buy me a house closer to the church. The other reason is that he has no relatives in Rusape. He only stayed there as a ‘mad man’ so he says that reminds him of those memories. So he wants a new place. That is his main reason. He wants to stay closer to the church. He is afraid that he can be attacked again by evil spirits,” said Prophet Magaya.

“We are talking about someone who had 15 years of his life trapped by evil spirits of insanity. You have to appreciate his reason and we are looking at various options at our disposal.

“We are still looking into it. We are calm, we are not in a hurry, why should we hurry? It is our ministry, it is our pace, so at the right time we shall move and do it according to what we want. We are not doing it to satisfy anyone. He has made tremendous progress and we want to thank God for that,” said Prophet Magaya.

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