The late businessman James ‘Jimmy Jimalo’ Chiyangwa’s son Mike-Harris Divaris Chiyangwa has of late been in the police most wanted list for his shady business deals.

This came to light at Mbare magistrate court where he appeared together with his partner in crime Andrew Kadungure facing fraud charges.

Whilst the case was being heard in court,the police from TWO different stations were waiting to take him away for questioning while on the other hand he is still answering to duping former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzai over US$2000.


Chiyangwa and Kadungure yesterday appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove on allegations of duping Amcotts Trading.The pair denied the charges through their defence counsels.They were remanded out of custody on US$100 bail each to March 8 for trial.

As part of the usual bail conditions Chiyangwa was ordered to report to Machipisa Police station every Friday and Kadungure was ordered to report to Borrowdale police station.

Appearing for the State Yvonne Gurira,alleges that on 22 February,Chiyangwa called Calisto Tevera of Amcott Trading ordering tyres worth US$4910.After the call Chiyangwa is said to have proceeded to Amcotts Trading and was given a quotation.

He left saying that he wanted to go and withdraw money from Standard Chartered Bank.Chiyangwa is said to have later called Tevera telling him that he failed to make a withdrawal since he had already withdrawn US$5000 on that same date.

The two then agreed that Chiyangwa would transfer the money into the company’s account instead.Later that day Chiyangwa sent Kadungure fake Real Time Gross Settlement settings (RTGS) to prove that the transfer had been successful.

Kadungure is alleged to have given the fake RTGS to Tevera.Efforts were made to confirm the authenticity of the RTGS with Standard Chartered Bank and it was proven that they were fake.Tevera consulted his superiors and a complaint was lodged with the police leading to Kadungure and Chiyangwa’s arrest.The value is US$4910

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