Girl starts oozing dead ants from her hands after being raped by prophet


A TEENAGER’S hands reportedly started releasing dead ants after she was raped by a prophet on several occasions, a Harare court heard this week.

The self-proclaimed prophet Mutsvene Makaya appeared before magistrate Noel Mupeiwa answering to three rape counts and one charge of indecent assault.

Court heard the girl only reported the matter to the police after she was advised to do so by a ZBC producer, Thandekile Simango.


This was after she visited Radio Zimbabwe to publicise her plight in a bid get help after she started seeing dead ants inside her hands.



Prosecutor Tinashe Makiya told court that the abuse started in July 2014 when the girl visited Makaya’s shrine in Epworth seeking deliverance over social problems.

After the first visit, court heard that the girl then joined the church and started attending sessions frequently.

Makaya reportedly told the girl that he was the only prophet who could assist and end her problems.

He then ordered the girl to buy razor blades and some lemons for the cleansing ceremony. Court heard she complied and brought the materials to the shrine.

However, Makaya told the girl that the ceremony had to be conducted at her home.

In November the same year on an unknown date Makaya then visited the girl at her place of residence in Caledonia farm and found her alone.

He ordered the girl to undress so that he can carry out the cleansing ceremony. The girl refused at first but complied after she was told no one else could help her.

After she undressed, the court heard Makaya cut the lemon and started rubbing it all over her body while fondling her breasts, bottom and inner thighs. He then laid the girl down on the blankets which were already spread and raped her once.

The girl reportedly tried to scream but Makaya threatened to kill her. The girl stopped going to the church but her problems began to mount again so she went back to the prophet.

In April 2015 Makaya visited the girl twice and raped her again saying he was cleansing her. He allegedly threatened the girl with unspecified actions if she ever stopped going to his church.

Later last year the girl started having problems and stomach pains.

Court heard she went to Parirenyatwa to seek medical attention. The doctors said she was to operated but they also became confused after the pain started shifting positions.

The girl went back home and then started seeing dead ants in her hands which made confusing frightening noise. Neighbours then advised her to visit Radio Zimbabwe where she met Simango.

Her story was broadcast on radio and Simango advised her to file rape charges against the prophet.

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