Gokwe woman caught pants down having se_x with daughter’s ex boyfriend


A WOMAN from Kutungwane village in Gokwe got the worst moment of her life when she reportedly walked in on her mother allegedly having se_x with her ex-boyfriend . The shocking incident reportedly happened on Friday last week when Cleodia Makaya busted her mother Ndakaitei Mazinga in bed with her ex-boyfriend only identified as Mike.

Makaya and Mike reportedly have a baby together. According to sources from the area the two- Mazinga and Mike were busted playing hide and salami game.This came after Makaya had heard rumors that they were seeing each other behind her back but dismissed the rumors as acts of jealousy against her family by villagers.

The rumours were however,confirmed on the day in question when she walked in on the two lovebirds giving each the best time of their lives. The busting was after a tip-off from the neighbours who spotted Mike”sneaking” into Mazinga’s bedroom hut.


The source said after the incident,Mazinga who was also assaulted by her daughter courted the wrath of other villagers who called for her banishment from the village.

“After busting them ,Cleodia later learnt that the two had been in love for a long time.At first villagers did not suspect anything thinking it was just a normal relationship between Mazanga and her son-in law since Cleodia and Mike had a child together.

However,when it later emerged that Cleodia and Mike were no longer seing each other people started questioning why Mike was always visiting Mazinga in the absence of her daughter especially each time she goes to Gokwe town to sell vegetables. “The two would exploit the opportunity since at times Cleodia would not return home on the same day,”said the source who preferred anonymity for fear of victimization.

The source further said the two lovebirds’ luck however,ran out when neighbours who were watching their escapades tipped Cleodia who later told her mother the day she went to Gokwe town that she was returning the following day when in fact she was returning on the same day.

“Upon her return,Cleodia did not go home straight until the time she was tipped by neighbours that Mike had sneaked into her mothers’ bedroom hut.When she arrived home she went straight to the bedroom hut where she caught the two red-handed in the act,”added the source.

Although the partied could not be reached for comment Chief Nemangwe whose jurisdiction the area falls under,said though he heard details of the case of that nature he would only be at liberty to comment once it is before his traditional court. He said parties involved in cases of that nature if found guilty deserved to be severely punished as they were putting the name of the area into disrepute

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