Government makes surprise U-Turn on Quail birds


Government has made a U-turn on the ban of domestication of quail birds, with Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa telling the House that there was no Government Gazette published to that effect.

MPs had queried the ban, saying it was now affecting the livelihoods of thousands of rural Zimbabweans who were keeping the birds as part of their livestock.

“If government issues out a new policy, it must be adhered to and the correct procedure is that when government bans something, it is gazetted. But if you read such a Gazette on quail birds, then they have been banned. If you did not, they have not been banned,” Mnangagwa explained


There are two types of quail birds: those that can be domesticated and those in wildlife. People are allowed to keep those that are domesticated. What has been banned is going into the bush and national parks to hunt for quail birds or to get their eggs. Commercialising quail birds is allowed, but poaching is not allowed. There is no policy to ban quail birds. They are so tasty and that is why we cannot ban them.”


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