GRACE MUGABE attacks ‘yellow bone’ women


First Lady Grace Mugabe today launched a rare unprovoked attack on women who are in a habit of bleaching in a bid to have light skins like whites.

Addressing her first rally in Buhera,  Grace said women should be proud of their dark skins

I am pained when i see women bleaching, please be proud of who you are.


“Why do you want to be look like Mr Smith  or Madam Smith?” a visible angry Grace asked.”You are called amai Mugabe who is dark, period. What matters is not the way you look but what you do with your brains.

“Some think if i am light skinned I am productive. That’s being dull, dull,dull”.

Most women are now into bleaching.

The creams, as well as lotions and pills, which are manufactured in the West for sale in developing countries, contain harmful chemicals, like mercury and are fast selling.