Grass pastor not welcome: Bulawayo residents


BULAWAYO residents have reacted angrily to the news that the South African pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries who became popular after making his congregants eat grass, will grace the city saying “he is unwelcome

The pastor from Pretoria courted controversy early this year when he told his church congregation to go and eat grass because ‘this is what God wants’ them to do, after that he went on to stamp on them.

Residents who spoke to Radio Dialogue said Daniel should not come to Bulawayo because he has the potential to hypnotise people into eating grass again. Daniel will be in Bulawayo between 5 and 7 March at Amphitheatre.


David Tshabalala said the Zimbabwean government should not allow “that evil Pastor to cross Zimbabwe boarder he’s very dangerous.”

“I am feeling sorry for the people of my beloved city, suddenly the grass is greener this side for evil deeds to prosper. I wish there was a law that can stop such madness from spreading into the country of my birth. Dangerous times indeed,” said Similo Ndlovu




Another resident, Buhlebenkosi Mhlanga said it is so sad how “these so called” prophets are deceiving people and robing them of their innocent lives

Where did he get that revelation yokuthi abantu badle utshani,uzabulala abantu, phela kulobunye utshani obungadliwayo ingani lenkomo ziyakhetha (that people should eat grass, there is certain grass that is poisonous even cattle don’t eat any type of grass),” said Mhlanga.

Siduduziwe Nkomo added: “Do people pay him to hypnotise them to eat grass? How is he getting funded? Zimbabwe government should tax this person heavily aze adle yena utshani lobo, (until he eats the very grass).

“False Prophets are hiring people to do abnormal things pretending it to be the acts of the prophecy, of which its a pity, there are so many disabled people in the streets but those prophets can’t even touch them.

“Instead they give them R5 as they are begging, but when it comes a camera in front of them, that’s when you will see their so called wonders at stadiums not in the streets,” said Ignatius Mashawi.

Josh Mhaka said Daniel should not be allowed into Zimbabwe.

“You see when human beings are in severe struggle for survival, they turn to God in their droves hence we see churches filled up to the door and these opportunists so called prophets pounce. In Europe where there are prospering, churches are dying yet in Africa where poverty is increasing, Christianity is rising,” said Mhaka.

However Emmanuel Mungani said “powerful miracles and the unexpected has not yet started. Something more than just eating green grass will happen. The deaf and the crippled shall be healed,” said Mungani.


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