Greyhound bus driver trapped under a bus while attending to a tyre puncture


A driver of a Greyhound bus was yesterday crushed to death at Beitbridge Border Post when he was trapped under a bus while attending to a tyre puncture.

It is understood that the tyre deflated around the afternoon when the bus was being searched by customs officers. The now deceased then went under the bus to put a second jack, but the first one gave in resulting in the incident.

Greyhound driver diesBorder authorities said the driver was later pulled out by other travellers and taken to Beitbridge District Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on admission.


“The bus was travelling from Johannesburg to Bulawayo. The now deceased had his left upper chest trapped under the bus for a few minutes before some travellers pulled him out,” said one official.

Police were still to release the driver’s name.


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