GUNSHOTS at Obert Mpofu’s residence in Harare


A Police Protection Unit officer stationed at Economic Planning Minister Obert Mpofu’s residence in Harare Zimbabwe allegedly shot a female colleague in a fit of rage hardly a week after another shooting incident at the same house.

The two allegedly had a misunderstanding over unspecified issues at the weekend.

The shooting incident followed reports that Mpofu’s Newlands home and another belonging to an unnamed High Court judge were attacked by unknown assailants, leaving two officers hospitalised.

Obert Mpofu
Obert Mpofu

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed the incident at a Press conference, but did not give further details on what led to the near-fatal shooting.

Charamba said the victim was recovering at a local hospital, while the culprit had been arrested and was assisting police with investigations and would appear in court soon on a charge of attempted murder.

She said a bullet went through the victim’s intestines and exited through the
back, causing severe injuries.

“We would like to confirm the arrest of a rogue police officer, Constable Lloyd Salobe (29), for attempted murder,” Charamba said.

She said Salobe was also going to face disciplinary action under the Police Act.

Charamba said the force brooks no nonsense in dealing with the matter, as it detested rogue elements that acted in such a manner.

“Salobe shot his colleague who was at a point of guard after a misunderstanding and she is now admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital. A bullet exited through her back,” Charamba said.

“We won’t brook any nonsense in our rank and file.”

It is unknown whether Mpofu was at home when the shooting took place.

Contacted for comment, Mpofu said he did not want to add more to what the police had said.

“What you got from the police is enough. They have not yet said anything to me on what exactly could have transpired,” he said.

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