Gweru womaniser dies,girlfriends take off underwear and throw them in his grave


A GWERU socialite who passed away last week received a playboy’s funeral as women threw their undergarments into his six-feet grave to accompany him to his last resting place.

The Chairman of the Gweru Hawkers and Vendors Association Jonh Samabvu was laid to rest at Mutapa cemetery.Those that attended the funeral of the man,well-known as ‘Tekere’ witnessed a number of ladies throwing their undergarments into the grave alleging that they were his girlfriends.

Brighton Shumba who attended the funeral told B-Metro about the experience.


Open grave


“Tekere’s colleagues who worked with him sang and danced while carrying his coffin around the terminus as they celebrated his life,”he said.

Shumba added:”The drama got interesting when we arrived at the Mutapa Cemetery.One woman removed her panties and threw them inside the grave saying that she was bidding farewell to her former lover.Just when everyone was at a loss of words,another woman did the same.About seven women followed suit claiming they were once Tekere’s girlfriends turning the burial into a strip tease,”said Shumba.

Business literally came to a stand till as a convoy of cars including commuter omnibuses escorted the body.Third Street was temporarily closed when the convoy proceeded to Mutapa cemetery.Samabvu died at the age of 50.

He was nicknamed “Tekere” after the late politician Edgar Tekere due to his “no-nonsense” personality.He is survived by two wives Sekai Dhliwayo and Sarudzai Bhero,11 children and four grandchildren.

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