Handina kwandionoenda,’ says Mugabe


President Mugabe has told those agitating for his removal from office to go hang themselves.

“Ko ndinoenda kupiko,” he said to wild applause from the million man marchers. ”VaMugabe says no, you go hang, hang yourselves,” he said.

President Mugabe said it was for the people of Zimbabwe to decide if he was to go.


“Tiri tese . . .if the people say go then I go. As long as I feel I can serve the people I do . .but when the times comes I go . . .,” says President Mugabe to interjections from the crowd that he should continue and he laughs, “ah, hakuna kwandinoenda?”



He attacked factionalism now devouring his party. “There shall never be little groups to promote so and so…those little groups are treasonous groups. They spoil the party. There is only one Zanu-PF. Why don’t you bring your criticism to the party? Why go to newspapers . . .The Daily what? the Daily nonsense . . .you are just helping these little papers life . . .the stories . . .the First lady this and that . .Nonsense! The Party was never founded on other principles other than principles of unity, togetherness and harmony…not disharmony.

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