Harare Pastor in trouble for touching teen daughter’s privates


A Harare pastor repeatedly fondled and touched his 16-year-old daughter’s privates whenever the two were alone.

This happened from August to November until the girl started to resist her father’s moves.

The pastor who cannot be named to protect the girl, is out on a $200 bail and is back in court on Thursday.


Prosecutor, Stylon Marufu told the court last week that from August to November this year, the pastor would fondle his daughters breasts and trouncing his privates.

He did this on several occasions.

When the girl started to resist, the pastor began to assault her.

That forced the girl to spill the beans to her step mother and step brother of the abuse.

Other relatives were also alerted.

But the pastor would threaten her with more beatings if she told anyone of the abuse.

She then fled the house to her uncle’s place where she narrated her ordeal.

He was reported to the police and arrested.

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