Harare Pastor ‘resurrects’ the dead,cures HIV


A Harare church leader, Apostle Try Immanuel who is the founder and President of Greaterlife Embassy and Voice of God charity Organisation aimed on helping the needy has been performing controversial miracles around the globe. Without mentioning him praying for Zimbabwe National Cricket player Brian Vitori in 2014 for his injury and return to the National Team, he is also known for performing unimaginable miracles.

Shockingly in a Church service 3 weeks ago he prayed for a child who couldn’t walk nor crawl at the age of four years. The doctors said she had delayed bones, a condition associated with dwarfism and mental retardation .According to health experts this condition requires one to take injections of growth hormone at home for several years for your bones to mature, but after he prayed for her, she walked for the first time since she was born.

He also prayed for the veteran broadcaster and actor Lawrence Simbarashe well known as Mudhara Bonzo after he was expelled from work due to a terrible voice loss which disqualified him on his disk jockey position and had also lost his acting career. Recently in the press we saw a rectification of Mudhara Bonzo’s case and he is engaged into another film project titled Mapeto.


man of god

Furthermore the power of God became undeniable when Beatrice residents witnessed the 2 well known Pedzisai and Tinashe who had been mentally disturbed and mute for years. The testimony of the residents was mind-blowing as they clarified the young men’s lunatic state and how the power of God had finally dealt with the vagabond spirit. Many were perturbed and in extreme joy they flashily gave their lives to Christ unquestionably because of the unquantified power of God.

On point of account of his mission in ministry he has also resurrected people from the dead and healed chronic diseases such as AIDS pandemic and on hand we have a bunch of countless miracles through the servant of God. Some were freed from all sorts of addictions and witnessed cigarettes being dumped at the church site just to mention but a few. This serves to announce the superiority of the power of God and how He extends his hand of power to reach his people through his servants. Truly God uses his anointed.

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