Harare woman demands her lost teeth from ex-Hubby


A HARARE man, Elphas Tererai, is being stalked by his former wife who is demanding back the teeth she lost during their fights when they were still married.

The matter came to light at the Civil Court yesterday when Tererai made an application for a protection order against Farisai Dome, whom he said is in the habit of harassing him whenever they meet.

Tererai told the court that Dome also disturbs him at his workplace in Mbare by coming to fight him.


“This woman insults me and even comes and tear my clothes when I am at work,” Tererai said.

In her response, Dome told the court that she harasses Tererai because she is bitter about the teeth she lost due to his punches.

“Tererai has been abusing me since we got married in 2009. I go to his workplace because I want him to compensate me for my teeth,” Dome said.

The court further heard that Tererai and Dome had been staying together as a couple for seven years without any lobola (bride price) being paid to the latter’s parents.

“He has never shown any intention to pay my bride price and now he calls me a whore, saying he enjoys casual sex with me,” Dome said.

Dome also told the court that Tererai is in the habit of visiting her where she now stays while drunk and also insulting her.

“He sometimes spends the night at my house only to wake up and insult me in the morning,” Dome said.

Presiding magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi granted the protection order instructing Dome not to harass Tererai.

“If you want compensation for your teeth, approach the courts and stop stalking him,” Siwardi said.


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  • Nyenze

    Go on dear woman . Its a sound claim . And its true you will have artificial teeth . Kwete zve dinga iri rukufunga kuti tichiri kuma 18 something