Harare woman pays dearly after stealing soldier’s husband


A one and a half-year affair with a soldier’s hubby has turned to be a nightmare for a city woman who is living in fear after receiving threats from ex-lover’s wife. Mucha Chimiti has claimed to be under fire through the thrashing and threats she is receiving from Yvonne Muchekadzese the legitimate wife to Sergeant Tendai Mapuranga. Both Yvonne and Tendai are soldiers based at Artillery Brigade in Domboshava.

H-Metro is in possession of some texts Yvonne sent to Mucha threatening her and one time, Mucha claims, they came wearing army camouflage and assaulted her. Mucha said she regretted having the affair. “I had an affair with her husband for almost one and half years. By then they were just customarily married but after they wedded I then ended the relationship because I was afraid of being sued for adultery damages.





“The problem is that Yvonne is failing to believe that I have since ended things with her husband. She came to my house in Ushewokunze with her colleague and ransacked my place. They took my cash which was about US$3760 and I reported the case at Waterfalls Police Station (CR 24 3/05/16).

“They just left US$3 for me. Yvonne said it was her husband’s money so she had a right to take it. They also destroyed my furniture. I am scared of her because she is a soldier and she can do me more harm. She is constantly on my neck. She just cannot leave me alone.

She sends me provocative text messages threatening to end my life. She is also sending people most probably from her workplace to my house. “At one time five men came to my house in the middle of the night and assaulted me. They threatened to shoot me if I tried anything funny. I reported the matter to the police. “Right now even my children are scared because these people come to my house as they please. I just want her to know that I have since ended the relationship with her husband. She should just get over it”, she said.

Mucha also said she had taken a peace order against Yvonne but she was still being harassed by the woman. Yvonne confirmed the affair and said Mucha was after her downfall and was being malicious and overreacting. ‘I know the woman as my husband’s girlfriend. The thing is she wants to tarnish my image and destroy my life. I am a soldier and she is trying everything she can to b ring me trouble. “I believe that she is planning something big. She once reported me to the police and she also applied for a peace order against me. I only text her as a way of retaliation because she texts me first.

“I do not understand why she had to come to H-Metro. Please I am begging you not to publish that story. Please do this favour for me,” she begged. The husband sergeant Tendai Mapuranga could not be reached for comment.

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