Here I was stressed nothing to do bf just dumped me coz he says I pay more attention to my job… (insecure D1CK) I cursed as I flipped the apps on my phone thinking of what to do next. It was a long weekend to make it worse.

I actually wanted to go to work but my boss said he didn’t want to see me till Wednesday claiming that I work too hard and I don’t have a social life. I found an app called Tinder on play store and installed it. Interesting app I have to say and like any other social networking apps, there are creeps and pervs. I liked the ones I thought were less creepy.

In a matter of minutes I was chatting to someone named Phidzason who was about 1.3Km from and out of the 7 who sent messages he seemed interesting enough or maybe it was just the fact that he was close to me. One called Masasi eHarare said hie and went straight to ask for my pics N-aked and so i blocked him immediately. I asked Phidzason what he was doing for the weekend and he said he and his friend were going out clubbing. I am never one to initiate but it was either this or me bored at home.



I sent a msg asking if there was any chance of me joining them and there was a long pause… rather I thought it was long. After about 2 minutes he replied that it was fine. But he was like “but them my friend would be a third wheel” I don’t know if he was asking or what but I replied him and said “not to worry I will take care of you both”

He replied with a laughing emoji and said he would come pick me up. About 45 minutes I was done and ready to go and was getting impatient. My phone rang and there he was.. He was tall and muscular, every woman’s dream. He had bright white teeth that made me want to kiss him the first time I saw him.

I looked at me clearly checking me out and I wasn’t worried… I was in my short summer dress my favourite heels and a matching handbag.. I had on my new 100 percent weave from Brazil and I felt fabulous. He smiled when he finished his head to toe staring and I knew he approved. We hugged and I didn’t want to get out of those arms… a thought suggested I invite him back into my house but then I didn’t want to seem like a S-LUT though deep down inside I know I was…

We got into the car and I was introduced to the guy who was driving and his name was Dee. I asked if that was his full name and they both laughed. Dee drove for about 15Km and we were in Sandton at Taboo Night Club… ooh yeah I hadn’t mentioned that I am in SA. Phidzason paid the cover charge and we got in… the guys seemed loaded but I was afraid of asking what they dealt in.

The club is one of the best that I have been to. The lights the people there its all to perfection and class. It’s that kind of club that you feel secure when u are inside you are not afraid of pick pockets.

I felt I wanted to let loose that night so when Dee asked what I was drinking I told him my favourite…. strawberry lips… he disappeared in the crowd and came back with a full bottle of strawberry lips and moet. The waitress was following him with a bucket of ice. I was even shocked when we were invited to the vip section… who are these guys I thought to myself…

We sat down and I had my first shot and second in quick succession. I was feeling light headed already maybe because deep down the naughtty me wanted to come out… I stood up and looked at the 2 men and asked “so who is dancing with me first?” Dee said “me” and so I held my hand towards him and he took it and followed me as I went to the dance floor..

We were moving to the music and I remembered my college days. Dee seemed shy at first and I moved closer to him and simply said it’s OK. He got what I meant and moved even closer pitting his hands on my waistline. Dee didn’t say much but the moment i told him that it was OK it was like i gave him a full package VISA. He was quiet but not shy, as we were dancing his hands started straying lower and lower along my curves and i let it go on. The dance floor being that crowded and people paying attention to whatever they were doing no one seemed to notice when Dee’s hand was on my round B00TY. i actually felt excited and i let it go. I felt alive and happy, i have been hiding at work instead of having all this fun, i thought. We continued dancing and i was surprised and jumped a little when Dee’s hand made contact with skinn.. He had put his hand underr my short summer dress and was moving up… I looked at him and on his face he seemed innocent but his hands were doing something else to me… I knew i was being a S-LUT and most of all Dee wasn’t my date but since i promised to entertain them both i didn’t care.

I was brought back to earth when i felt something pushing into my cookie right there on the dance floor.. I wanted to scream stop but Dee was smoove, he immediately pulled out and looked at me smiling… I smiled back and even hugged him….. I was even more shocked when i opened my eyes and saw Phidzason standing next to us… he said “my turn” and i moved from Dee to Phidzason…..

To be continued….

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