was brought back to earth when i felt something pushing into my cookie right there on the dance floor.. I wanted to scream stop but Dee was smoove, he immediately pulled out and looked at me smiling… I smiled back and even hugged him….. I was even more shocked when i opened my eyes and saw Phidzason standing next to us… he said “my turn” and i moved from Dee to Phidzason….. Read Part 1 first….

I was in my little heaven from one hot man to another and i was pretty sure i was going to have a nice time. This was certainly an interesting turn of evens. From social media to meeting face to face and the men turn to be good guys with hidden nawty sides that i seemed to love. Phidzason was bigger than Dee and he knew how to dance better. He looked down into my eyes and smiled. He whispered something that i didn’t hear at first until he put his lips to my ear like he was kissing it. He said “i saw what Dee was doing to you” I almost jumped and my face turned red but he made me feel comfortable and said it was fine and he explained that Dee is very nawty and went on to tell a short story of how Dee F#cked some woman in a designer short dress right on the dance floor.

I said to myself “i want that, next time i will wear my extra short skirt” Phidzason saw me smiling to myself and i think he read my mind so he laughed and said “are you even considering it?” I smiled and said “it sounds wild and interesting, i wouldn’t mind being subjected to that” Phidzason  smiled and put his hands on my waist line and moved them up and down. He spun me around so that my back was to his front and we danced like that for a bit. I made a bold move and leaned backwards and my head rested on his neck. i breathed a bit and kissed his neck, it was his turn to be surprised. He held me tighter and i could feel every muscle of his body.


He spun me around again and looked at me “Oh my God those eyes” i just melted into his arms… He kissed me there in the dance floor and i didn’t want the song to end. He hands moved and i loved the direction there were going to. Just like Dee his hands found my already troubled cookie. I couldn’t control myself as his hands kept exploring my cookie jar… I knew i was going to give these guys some free cookies and i loved every moment of it. Phidzason stopped as the song finished and announced that he needed a drink. We moved from the dance floor towards the VIP Section and sat in a fancy couch in a dark area… Take notice of the conditions… IN A DARK AREA…

See what happens in a Night Club in the US - PHOTOS

i knew i could not wait till i get home to explore these 2 men again… i knew i lost that battle way back when Dee F1NGERED ME and since now i allowed Phidzason to do the same, i wanted more that a finger in that cookie jar…..

To be continued.,……

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