Horror as man kills wife over whatsapp messages


A MAN from New Magwegwe suburb in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife following a row over WhatsApp messages he received from his small house, police confirmed yesterday

Ramafuma Khupe, 48, was arrested on Tuesday evening for allegedly stabbing his wife Sihlekeni Ncube, 42, in front of their 22-year-old daughter.

The incident happened on Sunday at about 8AM at the couple’s home in New Magwegwe.


Ncube died at Mpilo Central Hospital on Monday morning from stab wounds to the throat.

Khupe initially reported the case as a sudden death due to hanging but was arrested after post mortem results revealed that his wife had been stabbed.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said Khupe told cops he had rescued his wife after she hanged herself.

“We received a report on Sunday of sudden death where the husband said his wife had hanged herself in their house and he had rescued her by cutting the rope.

“A post mortem has since revealed that she had a deep cut on her throat and investigations have indicated that Khupe stabbed his wife once in the throat using a knife resulting in her death the following day. We’ve arrested the man and he’s in custody,” said Insp Simango.

The couple’s daughter, Loveness, who witnessed the incident, yesterday told The Chronicle that she was still in shock after the tragic turn of events.

She said her father assaulted her mother on Sunday while repeatedly shouting he was going to kill her.

My mother approached me holding my father’s cellphone saying she couldn’t stand it anymore after discovering that my dad had once again started communicating with his small house who is apparently our next door neighbour at our rural home in Kezi.

“My dad has a son with the woman but they had since stopped communicating as he tried to mend his marriage to my mum,” she said.

Loveness said her mother seemed to have been stunned by the resumption of the adulterous affair.

“Early Sunday morning I was awakened by my parents’ fighting. My dad struck my mother with three big blows to the head and she fell on the floor. She told me that she was dying.

“He picked her up and dropped her on the bed where he continued assaulting her. He kept saying he was going to kill her,” she said.

Loveness said when she turned her back seconds later, she saw their neighbour pulling a bloody knife from her father’s hands.

“At that moment I saw my mother writhing in agony and as I drew closer, I saw a big cut on her throat but she wasn’t bleeding. She whispered into my ear that I should tell people and my siblings when they grow up what had happened to her. My dad just walked out of the house and sat there as if he had done nothing.

“I ran to Magwegwe police station and asked that they call for an ambulance which arrived in no time. When I arrived home after about 30 minutes, my dad hadn’t moved from where I had left him seated. My mum was taken to Mpilo where she died the following day,” she said. Loveness said the big silver knife that her father used to stab her mother had for sometime been next to their television set as they didn’t usually use it unless cutting something big.

“I never expected that someday it would be used to cut my mother’s throat,” she said.


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