How i caught my wife with a Banana inside her PUNANI Part 2


How i caught my wife with a Banana inside her PUNANI Part 2… Read Part 1 to better understand this new part…

She was giggling and sounded nawty, i mean i have never seen this side of her….¬†Once in the bedroom…. She literally tore off my Amani shirt and i waited in amazement to see what she was gonna do next…. It didn’t take long for me to find out, seems she had things she had been dying to let out…. She pushed me onto the bed and ordered me to take off my jeans… She was in total control so i simply removed them. She looked at me with this “are you crazy face?” and i knew what it was for, i still had my boxer shorts on so i moved swiftly and removed them.

Akakwira on top of me and ndokuisa mboro yangu mukati yanga yakamira kare. Aiti ndikada kumubata mazamu she would push my hands away and ndokutanga kusvira. I don’t know what was going through her mind but she acted way to different and WILD. Akasvira mwana wevanhu and it was she was possessed. She kept talking dirty and shouting and i am pretty sure she was imagining she was with someone else. I thought i head my brother’s name somewhere is the shouting and cursing. I didn’t dare ask as i was enjoying every moment of it.


Akatunda like 2 times and ndokubvisa mboro yangu and looked at my face smiling… She did one thing that i never thought i would see in a million years… Mboro yakatota kudaro she put it in her mouth. Akatanga kusveta like a vacuum cleaner and in seconds ndanga ndakutunda. She didn’t stop akamedza zvese vzaibuda sezviya zvinoitwa muporno. She looked at me smiling and i thought to myself… “that banana really got you going i see… I should definitely buy more bananas.”

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