How i caught my wife with a Banana inside her PUNANI


How i caught my wife with a Banana inside her PUNANI. This is something that before it happens to you you never seem to consider such a situation. But it happened to me and now i am full of unanswered questions that i can not even ask my beautiful wife. Here she is….

How i caught my wife with a Banana inside her PUNANI

I know she is very beautiful and sensitive so i am afraid to ask her as i fear she will leave me for a better man.

I got home from work one day and saw the SHOCK of my life. She was in our bed cheating but not with a man or a woman but with a Big Banana. She was not gentle she was furious and i couldn’t even begin to calculate the speed with which the banana was disappearing into her punani. I stood by the door and look for a moment making sure she didn’t see me. I didn’t know whether to be angry or what i just looked admiring the work of art and wishing i was that banana.

I slowly and quietly moved back out of the house and came back inside the house shouting and making noise calling out to her. She came out of the bedroom running her face flashed and i sensed a bit of disappointment maybe i disturbed her too early before she can get to the intended target. She welcomed me with a KISS and a hug but she seemed rather surprised when she felt it and looked at me with a smile.

She joked and said… “seems someone is angry down there, is everything ok down there?” I smiled and replied “someone was missing someone so i decided to come home early” She smile and said “that’s a very small problem, i will be very happy to help you out with that.” With that she pulled me into the bedroom with my tie…. She was giggling and sounded nawty, i mean i have never seen this side of her….

Once in the bedroom…. She literally tore off my Amani shirt and i waited in amazement to see what she was gonna do next…. TO BE CONTINUED….