How i CHEATED neMurume weSister yangu For Cash Part 2 – This time ini ndini ndakamusvira!!!


To better Understand this one please start by reading Part 1 of this story. Vapedza handizive kuti chii chakaitika, ndakazomuka kuma10 PM, Bamkuru vanga vandirarisa pasi pandinorara vandipfekedza night dress rangu. When i woke up i was very tired and hungry, thank God Bamkuru had bought Nandos.

I woke up and ate and saw that Bamkuru was sleeping on the bed havo. Ndakavhura blanket yavo ndobva ndariona zimboro riya rambondichemedza masikati. Ndakanzwa kurida futi but i looked at the watch and knew that sister wangu would be back soon. So i told my punani to relax for now. I ate my nandos quietly asi nechemumoyo ndaiziva kuti beche rangu raive nenzara as well.

After i finished eating i went to the bathroom and ran myself a bath. I put some foam bath called Satiskin and it smelled amazing, just what i wanted to cool off. I lay in the TUB listening to some Cassper Nyovest music. I relaxed and closed my eyes and one picture came to mind… my Bamkuru with his ANACONDA. I got hurry again and it was not for food. I thought of how i can quench my thirst and get rid of this hunger once and for all.


I finished my bath quietly and quickly went back to sleep as i was running away from my needs. I had problems falling asleep. Things kept leading me back to that afternoon. I asked myself why i could let that happen but then the biggest question was WHY DID I ENJOY IT TOO MUCH? And i got paid for it, does that mean i am a HURE?

I finally fell asleep and woke up and my sister was in bed, Bamkuru was at work. I went about my business on the computer applying for jobs and reading articles on my favourite site Masasi eHarare. That is when i decided to share my story here with you guys and i enjoyed every moment of it. When i was done with the job applications i went to bath and prepared to go get my hair done… Remember i was rich i had just sold my punani to my bamkuru.

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