How i CHEATED neMurume weSister yangu For Cash Part 3 – Friend from work joins in


How i CHEATED neMurume weSister yangu For Cash Part 3 – Friend from work joins in. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 as this is a continuation from there… Ndakaita kuVibrator chaiko and murume akaramba akanditarisa surpised and said…. “you know you can make money from this if i tell my friends from work about you….”

I smiled and said…. “keep talking…” He explained that he will market me to his work friends and i said it was cool. So much to say we made a deal that if it all works out he doesn’t need to pay me for my services anymore. A week later he took me shopping at Edgars in Balfour Park Mall hanzi i need to look extra hooot and extra sexxy. I just laughed and went with him who would say no to fashion or wardrobe changes… Its every woman’s dream..

After the shopping we went home and my sis was there so i just hid away the new clothes and lingerie and went about my business. Bamkuru went direct to work and sent me a message to say he will want me to try out the clothes for him and his work friend. I replied with a smiling emoji and that was it for that day. My sister never suspected a thing she was too busy to notice, if she is not working she will be busy catching up on sleep, laundry and her studies.


The next morning i woke up when my sis was going to work, i noticed Bamkuru sleeping on the bed and so i quickly went to bath as i knew soon he would be going to work so i wanted to play early. Nothing good than Breakfast S-E-X. i put on the very nice short dress he got for me. I went and made breakfast, put a bath for Bamkuru and woke him up. He was all smiles when he saw me and went to take a bath. When he was in the bath, there was a knock on the door and i opened and there was a man there who introduced himself as Walter who works with my Bamkuru. I called out to him and he said to let the man in. He came in and took a seat. I offered him breakfast to which he said he was on. He kept looking at me more like checking me out. Funny enough i was enjoying the attention.

Bamkuru got out and went and sat by the bed wrapped in a towel. I gave him his breakfast and i laughed when i saw kuti mboro yanga yakamira kare. I wet into the bathroom and came out wearing my first attire. It was a floral dress to the knees and had a zip on the front which i lowered to show major cleavage. He looked and smiled and told me to bend over while facing the other way.

How i CHEATED neMurume weSister yangu For Cash Part 3 - Friend from work joins in

Ndakazobuda ndakapfeka just this and ndakaona varume vachiyeredza rute. I knew kuti i had to take control coz i could not take it anymore. Ndakasvikovhura towel raBamkuru and yanga yakamira kare. Ndakaigarira and instantly ndakatunda. The work friend was looking and Bamkuru waved at him to join us and vakauya vakananga pamazamu angu. Haa kusvirwa ne 2 Varume is serious business… Masasi eHarare inzwa unzwe Ndakanzwa mboro yaBamkuru ichitamba tamba mukati mangu and ndakatunda futi. The friend was begging Bamkuru for his turn and he didn’t have to wait long.

I was paBed facing the window and i didn’t check kuti chii chirikuita but i got the shock of my life when he tried to put mboro mukati mangu. Ndaive ndakatota but mboro yakaramba kupinda. He took his time achitambisa kabeans kangu nemazamu kusvika musoro wapinda. Akapusher mbichana kusvika yese yapinda. Slowly akatanga kusvira… Ini ndaitunda non stop and i felt light headed. Ndakarohwa nayo kusvika atunda murume ane chipo iyeye… Ndakanakirwa… Thanks Masasi for sharing my story… Catch my latest series of stories… Chihure muJoburg

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