How i used my BIG ASSets to get a Job as a Waitress in Joburg


How i used my BIG Assets to get a Job as a Waitress in Joburg… I remember the day like it was yesterday…. I went into that interview room shaking thinking that if i don’t get this job then i have no option than to go back home to Zimbabwe in Chegutu… The 2 men sat across from me and asked me a bunch of questions that i answered with confidence… One of the man stood up and asked me: “Miss Memo what do you have to offer her that will make us want to hire you above the rest”

I was shocked to hear this but i knew i had to act fast otherwise no job… So i stood up and asked if i could play a song from my phone and they said OK. I started a slow jam and started dancing to the music. It was slow at first then the pace quicken.. By this time i was doing my sexxxy Twerking and i saw the 2 men smiling from ear to ear… One of the man whispered something to the other and i saw the other man approaching me… I kept on dancing and the man was behind me moving with me to the beat… I pushed back and straight into him and i felt that his bedroom monster was awake.. For the first time i knew i could control the World with my ASSets.. I saw the man sweating as i danced and shook like a phone on vibration mode… The song ended and i took a seat and the man stammering said… Memo you are hired… See my picture below… I will send more stories soon…

How i used my BIG ASSets to get a Job as a Waitress in Joburg


Now i drive this car and its the ASSets that gave it to me… What do you think of me? Please comment….

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