How i was Seduced by 3 Cousins at a Pool Party – NdakazoSvira 1 wacho


How i was Seduced by 3 Cousins at a Pool Party – NdakazoSvira 1 wacho. i was invited to a pool party last week in Mount Pleasant and since it was my first time i was nervous because of 2 things… 1 i can’t swim very well and 2 the amount of beautiful girls i knew would be there scared me. There were girls from my class i was a fourth year student at University of Zimbabwe..

So i went to the party and it started cool and people were hanging around the pool drinking and eating meat. Time moved on and people started hooking up but ini nekupusa i was sitting with my boys. Rule number 1 if you want to hook up with a woman at a party NEVER hang out with your DRUNK friends. So i found a way to ditch them and i moved closer to Kelly who was chilling with her 2 cousins and i said hie to Kelly who introduced me to the other girls….

How i was Seduced by 3 Cousins at a Pool Party - NdakazoSvira 1 wacho


Those are the girls and they made me take that picture… We were chilled hedu taking and eating meat when all of a Sudden Tasha one of the cousins said out loud… “nhasi ndoda hombe yakamira yakaoma coz mazuva awanda” she said these words looking at me direct and i felt like she was checking me out kuti awone kuti ndine hombe here. Everyone laughed but they didn’t say anything wrong… Prisca the other cousin responded with…. “don’t go looking maybe our friend here has all that you need” She said this looking and pointing at me with her beer bottle…. I was surprised when my very own classmate laughed and said “i doubt that, he might have it but i don’t think he knows how to use it!”

All the girls laughed and i felt uncomfortable… Kelly quickly noticed that i was very much into the joke then quickly said sorry… They then instead whispered something to each other and all of a sudden they rose and came and sat around me 2 on one side and one on the other. I was surrounded by beautiful women and i didn’t know how to handle the situation….

Tasha moved so close to me zvekuti mazamu ake were brushing against me and she said something that i didn’t hear so when i looked at her trying to pay attention her face was there and just like that she kissed me… not that mummy goodnight kiss but that french kiss that will make any man go crazy. The other 2 cheered and a minute later she broke off the kiss she announced to everyone that i wasn’t a bad kiss. That prompted Prisca who was at the far end to push Tasha and got closer to me… She came and sat on my lap and declared that she too wanted to taste….

And so Prisca kissed me on the lips and she was forceful she had that animal instinct in her and the power the passion… in short she was crazy in her own fantasy… Every guy at the party was looking at us now but the girls seemed more focused on me than the others at the party…. Kelly shocked me when she screamed “thats my song” when the DJ started playing Winky D’s Lap dance song… Masasi eHarare i tell you, it was her song for real… coz she shouted and screamed.

She stood told me to sit on a chair and there it was my very first lapdance from my classmate… She knew what she was doing very well too well actually like she has done it before…

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