How to make $5000 in a day in Zimbabwe – Buy your own ZRP Uniform


How to make $5000 in a day in Zimbabwe – Buy your own ZRP Uniform. According to a whatsapp message doing rounds, there is now a fast and easy way to make money in Zimbabwe… Check out the message below….

Sick of being broke???? Wanna earn $5000 a day???
I am selling ZRP uniforms for both male and females ne ma hat acho ne nyembe dzacho for only $2000. You have all seen the wonders of these uniforms. You can put a roadblock at anytime,anywhere pawadira and stop all buses,kombi collecting bribes.. Also available is counterbooks that acts as your ticket book $1 for 2.. You can pocket $5000 kana uri serious a day saka dont tell me that my uniforms are expensive. Bhazi unokwira mahara futi from nyamapanda to plumtree ,border to border for mahala courtesy of these uniforms. There is no way u cannot make money coz every vehicle ye mu zim ine mhosva,its not roadworthy according to police. Kana waishaira mhosva you can simply say the colour of the vehicle is not allowed in zimbabwe.. Saka you are assured that every vehicle that passes by inotosiya mari chete coz mhosva haushae. Limited stock available,so hurry hurry !!!

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