Hullabaloo as man discovers in newspaper that his wife is an Avenues Pr_ostitute


ONE of the three ladies of the night who humiliated a minister’s driver was a married woman and has been sent packing.

Diana Bhutsu was caught by H-Metro lenses half-na_ked along with her friend dragging a driver demanding US$1500 for oral se_x services rendered by her friend only identified as Lorraine.

Diana’s separation with her husband came after the publication of the story last week and her colleagues disclosed this threatening H-Metro with unspecified action.


Mapurisa dzavashamwari dzedu after we fought them in courts of law and now you are exposing us and scaring our client with your cameras,”said one of the hookers.

“We are going to deal with you or else we will drag you to our rooms and take all your money if you continue publishing stories.

“As we speak Diana was dumped by her husband after last week and this has affected her new marriage.

“Diana ndiye wekumbokanda murume nepawindow akaponera kuchipatara achakubata chete.

“Anga azviwanira murume wake iwe nanga nanga nekumufumura.

“Vakadzi vevenhu vangani varikuno mumaAvenues?

“We are looking for money and nothing else,”she added demanding H-Metro to delete some of the captured photographs.

She refused to disclose Diana’s contacts and Diana could not be reached for comment over the alleged separation.

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