Husband locks wife outside everytime he brings his girlfriends home


A Harare man reportedly locks his wife outside the house while he enjoys se_x with his girlfriend, a Civil Court magistrate heard yesterday. Nicholas Nyamapfeni allegedly told his wife, Unity Kandemiri, that he wanted his girlfriend to be his new wife.

Kandemiri, who was seeking a protection order against Nyamapfeni,, told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that Nyamapfeni also assaults her despite having a previous protection order against him.

She said Nyamapfeni told her that no court order can refrain him from beating her as she was his “punching bag”.


He is constantly assaulting me despite me having acquired a protection order against him last year,” Kandemiri said.

“He locks me outside the house and I sleep on the veranda while he his having se_xual intercourse with his girlfriend whom he said he wants to be her new wife. He said no court ruling or order of what sort can stop him from assaulting or abusing me,” she said.

Mrs Mateko then gave a default judgment and ordered Nyamapfeni to stop abusing Kandemiri in any way and to allow her into their house until they are procedurally divorced.

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